Dress Codes for the golf and clubhouse

Course, practice areas, practice putting green

  • Tailored trousers or tailored shorts/skirts, no cargo/combat style
  • Socks must be worn, either long or short socks, and with shorts/skirts sports trainer liner type socks are acceptable
  • Traditional golf polo shirts with a collar may be worn along with collarless shirts designed specifically for golf.
  • Golf shoes must be worn on the course (please change your golf shoes in the locker rooms and not in the car park)

The following items of clothing are NOT acceptable anywhere on the course or practice areas:

  • Denim wear
  • Tracksuits, jogging suits and variants of these
  • Collarless tee-shirts or no shirt under a jumper or wet wear etc
  • Golf shirts must be tucked into trousers
  • Long trousers must not be tucked into socks
  • Caps should be worn properly, e.g. not the wrong way round
  • Training or cricket shoes
  • Clothing from other sports, e.g. football shirts

NOTE: As an exception to the above, on club arranged pre-junior and junior days/events (such as where non-member parents/guardians are accompanying their children) the practice areas and clubhouse dress code can be fully relaxed for them, however a clean, smart and inoffensive appearance will be expected at all times. When a relaxed dress code is in force, this will be advertised and communicated as part of the event.

Clubhouse, lounge, 19th bar & balcony

  • Smart casual is permitted at all times unless advertised differently for a certain event
  • Denim is allowed, however no faded or ripped jeans
  • Unless the shirt/blouse is designed for wearing outside the trousers, they must be tucked in
  • Members and their guests who have just finished playing golf are encouraged to change into fresh clothes before entering the lounge. However, there is no objection to golf clothes being worn providing they are not dirty or wet
  • Hats/headgear must not be worn
  • The wearing of outdoor clothing, such as raincoats, jackets, scarves, or golf wet suits is not permitted
  • Tailored shorts/skirts are permitted
  • Socks are not compulsory when wearing casual footwear or open sandals. Thong type toe post sandals and beach style rubber ‘flip flops’ are not permitted
  • Smart, discreet, plain trainer type casual shoes are permitted. Large basketball type boots and garish trainers are not

If visitors or members are in doubt about clothing or footwear, the club asks that you err on the side of conservatism.

Dining Room

For day to day use the dining room will operate to the same dress code as the lounge. The dining room may have other dress restrictions in place at any time depending on its use, at a club function for example. Notification of a particular event dress code will be advertised as part of the event’s marketing.

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