Club Rules

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  1. The name of the club shall be



  1. The committee of Club Management shall consist of:-
  • A number not exceeding nine Ordinary or Life Members, who shall be elected for a period of three years, three of whom shall retire every year and be eligible for re-election.
  • The President, Captain, Vice-Captain, and Past Captain if appointed, who shall be elected annually and shall be ex-officio members.

Nominations for election to the committee of Management may only be made  by Ordinary Members and must (except in the case of retiring members) be sent to the Club Secretary, who shall post them on the Club Notice Board not less than seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

Vacancies during the year may be filled by the Committee.


  1. The Annual General Meeting of Members shall be held in March to elect officers to fill up vacancies on the Committee, and to transact any other business which may be necessary in connection with the club.

All resolutions to be brought before the Annual General Meeting must be handed to the Club Secretary on or before February 15th and must appear on the agenda.  Should the proposer and/or seconder be unable to attend, to put a resolution, he or she must appoint a Member as substitute and inform the Club Secretary beforehand in writing.


  1. Special General Meetings of Members shall be called when found necessary by the committee, or on fourteen days’ notice being given to the Club Secretary, signed by twenty Ordinary Members of the Club.


  1. THE COMMITTEE IS EMPOWERED to make such bye-laws as to matters not herein contained or to meet temporary emergencies, or in reference to any matches, competitions, or other things as the may consider necessary for the well being of the Club. Bye-laws so made shall have effect until the next Annual General Meeting, when they shall be confirmed or annulled.


  1. At all meetings, whether of the Members or the Committee, five shall form a quorum and the chairman shall have a second or casting vote. No votes by proxy shall be allowed.

LEASE, etc.

  1. Any lease or other document, duly authorised by a resolution of the Committee, shall be properly executed or signed by two members of the Committee, and countersigned by the Club Secretary, and such execution or signing shall bind the Club. The Committee and the Secretary shall be indemnified against all liability, risk and expense whatsoever, out of the Club Property.

The Club shall be entitled to hold either a leasehold or freehold estate in land, and the Club shall have the power to appoint Trustees to hold either freehold or leasehold land on its behalf. The Club shall not make a distribution of any surplus save to another non-profit making body.


  1. The Committee shall not borrow money other than an overdraft on the Bank Current Account, to meet ordinary working expenditure, unless authorised by a General Meeting of the Members.


9.(a) The names of all candidates for election as Members of the Club shall be sent to the Club Secretary in writing and such particulars shall be given as the Committee shall from time to time require.

A candidate can apply in writing to the Club Secretary or be proposed and seconded by an Ordinary Member of not less than one year standing.  Both of whom must be known personally to him or her and responsible for his or her eligibility. The application form will be posted on the Notice Board in the club house for at least 28 days, during which time an application must receive the signatures of four Ordinary Members, in support.  Any objections must be communicated to the Club Secretary in writing without delay who will then take to the next available Committee meeting.  All applications for membership will be submitted at such meetings.  The Committee may decline to elect any candidate without assigning a reason.

  • If any application for Membership is not accepted the application form will be returned to the Club Secretary who will notify the applicant or return to the proposer and notify the nominee of the decision of the Committee.
  • Applicants for Membership shall, until elected, be deemed to be visitors under rule 18.


  1. Members may be elected either as:-
  1. Ordinary Members (Ladies or Gentlemen paying their respective full-playing subscription and playing Members enjoying the retirement concession).

Effective from 1st January 2006 the Concessionary rate will be fixed at a reduction of 25% of the full playing subscription and upon reaching normal retirement age and ceasing to be gainfully employed.

All other requests for retirement concession shall be subject to the discretion of the Committee.

New Members joining on or after 1st January 2001 will not be eligible to qualify for a concessionary rate.

  2. Junior Members (age range 12 to 21) become  Senior Members on the 1st January in the year following their 22nd
  • Pre-Junior Members (age range up to 11) with restricted access under adult supervision as determined by the Management Committee of the day.
  1. Country Members
  • (i) Those who reside 70 miles radius or more from the Club House and are full-playing Members of a recognised Golf Club

(ii) Full-playing Members leaving the area and being unable to obtain membership of a local club.

  • All applications for Country Membership will be judged by the committee on their respective merits.
  • Country Members will not be eligible to enter Club competitions except impromptu competitions at the discretion of the Committee. They may play as a guest on the Invitation day.
  • Any Country Member coming to reside permanently in the vicinity may if a vacancy exists be called upon to take up Ordinary Membership, pay the remainder of the full entrance fee and full subscription for the then current year. If no vacancy exists then the Country membership may be withdrawn.
  1. Honorary and Special Members

The Committee are empowered to elect Honorary Members of the Club, or members on special terms, or to remit the whole or a portion of a Member’s subscription or entrance fee in cases where it may consider it advisable.

  1. Five and Six day members are classed as Ordinary members , with playing rights as published in Sitwell Park Golf Rules


Only Ordinary Members and Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to vote at Annual or      Special General Meetings.



Entrance fees will be payable on election to membership at the rate of £1000.00 (one thousand pounds) or at the discretion of the Committee of the day

  1. JUNIORS. The entrance fee will be deferred by £100 for every consecutive year as a junior          until reaching eligible age for Senior membership.


12 (b).    The Management Committee is empowered to Increase the Annual Subscription up to a

maximum of 10% if required.

Subscriptions and Locker Rents where applicable shall be payable on election to Membership and thereafter on the 1st day of January in each year at the rate in force on the due date.

Payment of the Annual Subscription must be made by the last day of February.  Any member not meeting this date will cease to be a member of the Club.

The entrance Fee and Subscription must be paid within one month of election to Membership, otherwise such election shall be void.

A member shall have no liability beyond the payment of his or her Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription other than such as are sanctioned at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

The Annual Subscription for Non-paying Membership for wives and husbands of Full-playing members shall be at the concessionary rate.

An Ordinary Member having completed five consecutive years and wishing to transfer to nonplaying status is eligible to pay at the concessionary rate.


  1. Members (other than Country Members) elected through the year are liable to pay outstanding subscriptions pro rata.


  1. The financial year of the Club shall commence on the 1st January in each year. ANY MEMBER WHOSE SUBSCRIPTION SHALL BE UNPAID ON THE LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY IN ANY YEAR AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH RULKE 12(B) CEASES TO BE A MEMBER OF RTHE CLUB, but does not escape his or her liability to pay the subscription for the current year, and such person may be re-elected at the discretion of the Committee on payment of all arrears.


  1. Any Member wishing to resign Membership SHALL GIVE NOTICE IN WRITING TO THE CLUB SECRETARY BEFORE 31st DECEMBER, of intention to do so, otherwise such Member shall be liable to pay his or her subscription for the next year.


  1. If any member shall wilfully violate the Rules, or shall do any act which, in the opinion of the Committee, is derogatory to the character of a gentleman or lady, or which is not conducive to the welfare of the Club, the Committee may take disciplinary action or request such Member to resign Membership, and if such Member decline to accept the Committee ruling, then he or she shall be liable to expulsion from the Club upon the vote of two-thirds of the Members of the Committee present at a Special Meeting called for that purpose. Any Member so expelled shall have the right to appeal to a Special General Meeting to be summoned for this purpose, provided that he or she notifies the Committee within seven days of the date of expulsion that it is his or her wish that such a meeting be held.

The meeting must then take place within 28 days of the date of such notification, when two-thirds of those present and voting shall be required to confirm the expulsion. If the expulsion be not confirmed the Member shall be re-instated.


17 (a).   An Ordinary Member may introduce visitors to the privileges of the Club,

House and Green, such visitors to be accompanied by their introducer, but the same visitor

shall not be introduced more than SIX TIMES in the same year.

The visitor’s name and address and the name of the introducer shall be entered in the visitors’ book.  Member’s guests at a recognised club social function shall not be required to make an entry into the visitor’s book.  The Club Secretary may admit any Member of a recognised Golf Club as a visitor for a period not exceeding three days.  Such a visitor shall be entitled to use the Club, House and Green, and shall have all the privileges of a temporary member.  Visitors, if they play golf, shall pay a Green fee at the rate applicable. A visitor introduced by and playing with an Ordinary Member will be permitted to play at the introduced Green Fee rate, SIX TIMES in the year.  An Ordinary Member may introduce up to three visitors at any one time at the reduced Green Fee rate.  The visitors must be playing with the introducing Member.

Payment of Green Fees must be made to the Professional, Steward or Stewardess prior to play.

17 (b).  Temporary Member s may be admitted at the discretion of the Committee, on terms which   

the Committee shall determine and with two days’ notice.  The temporary member shall be

permitted to use the Club facilities.

No Temporary Member shall be allowed to introduce another Temporary Member or to play in Medals or other Club competitions.


  1. The Club House shall be opened at 8.00 and closed at 12 midnight, or at such hours as the Committee shall determine.


19 (a).  The supply of intoxicating liquors shall be under the control of the Committee. No intoxicating liquors shall be supplied for consumption off the premises except to a Member in a sealed bottle.   In every January the Secretary shall comply with the licensing provisions then prevailing.

19 (b)   The permitted hours for the sale of intoxicating liquor shall be determined by the

Committee within the parameters of the Licensing Act of 2003.


  1. No Rule of the Club shall be repealed or altered, and no new Rule shall be made save by two-thirds of the Members present and voting at an Annual or Special General Meeting. Notice of the intention to propose any alteration or new Rule shall be given to the Club Secretary in the case of an Annual General Meeting in accordance with Rule 3 and in the case of a Special General Meeting in accordance with Rule 4, and he shall send notice of the same to every Ordinary Member to his or her address (email) in the Club files, at least seven days before the General Meeting.


  1. Every Member shall communicate to the Secretary any change of his or her permanent address. Such address or email address shall be entered in the Register of Members and all notices sent by post or email to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered on the day following the day of posting or emailing.


  1. No paper, notice, or placard, written or printed, shall be posted in the Club House without the sanction of the Committee.


  1. The Club Accounts shall be audited annually by independent Auditors.


  1. The Rules of the Game of Golf, as far as applicable shall be those adopted from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and such other Local Rules as the Committee may make.


  1. No dogs shall be allowed within the precincts of the Course under any circumstances whatsoever.


  1. Every Member shall be bound by and submit to, the Rules and Bye-laws of the Club.


  1. A single player has no standing, and must always give way to a properly constituted match.
  1. No player, caddie, or onlooker should move or talk during a stroke.
  1. No player should play from the tee until the party in front are not out of range, nor play up to the putting green until the party in front have holed out and moved away.
  1. The player who has the honour from the tee should be allowed to play before his opponent tees the ball.
  1. Players who have holed out should not try their putts over again when other players are following them.
  1. Players looking for a lost ball must allow other matches coming up to pass them.
  2. On request being made, a three or four ball match must allow a pair, threesome or foursome to pass. Any match playing a whole round may claim the right to pass a match playing a shorter round.
  1. Players engaged in a Club Competition shall be entitled to have honour from the tee and pass any others on the course.
  1. If a match fails to keep its place on the green and loses in distance more than one clear hole on those in front, it may be passed, on request being made.
  1. Turf/Divot cut or displaced by a stroke must be at once replaced.
  2. A player should carefully fill up holes and smooth footmarks made by himself in the bunker.
  1. It is the duty of an umpire or referee to take cognisance of any breach of rules that he may observe whether he be appealed to on this point or not.

Members are asked to make themselves acquainted with the Notices posted in the Club House.