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hole_11st Hole

Par 4, 352 yards

Pro Tip: 
a risk and reward hole. Lay up short of the bunker or try to carry it leaving a short chip into the green, but beware out of bounds down the left hand side. Careful placement needed on the green as it slopes from front to back, making the approach shot tricky. It is also well guarded by six bunkers.


Hole 2

Par 4, 415 yards

Pro Tip: A long par four that requires a straight and long tee shot. Take care on approaching the green as a ditch runs across the fairway 60 yards short of the two-tier putting surface. Make sure you get your approach shot on the correct level for an easier putt.

hole_3Hole 3

Par 5, 552 yards

Pro Tip: A choice of two shots off the tee. Take on the ditch and a 260-yard carry giving you a chance to reach in two, or lay up short and two more precise shots are needed to reach the green, which is tricky with a devilish slope off to the right.

hole_4Hole 4

Par 4, 275 yards

Pro Tip: This short par four is a risk and reward hole. Take on the green with a long accurate drive and an eagle awaits. Or play safe and take a mid-iron off the tee leaving a simple chip into the green that runs from back to front and guarded by bunkers left and right.

hole_5Hole 5

Par 3, 176 yards

Pro Tip: A lovely par three that requires an accurate mid-iron tee shot. It’s often worth taking an extra club as it plays longer than you think and the wind can swirl around the green for added difficulty. Tricky banks front and back for short and long hits, but the green is relatively flat.

hole_6Hole 6

Par 4, 266 yards

Pro Tip: Trouble left and right with a left to right sloping fairway. This hole can be driven, but play it safe and take a mid- to long-iron off the tee leaving a wedge to the narrow, well-guarded green, that has a subtle and deceiving slope left to right.

hole_7Hole 7

Par 3, 171 yards

Pro Tip: A tight approach to this well guarded green, bunkers front and right, with out of bounds down the left hand side

hole_8Hole 8

Par 5, 539 yards

Pro Tip: A downhill par five with out of bounds running all the way down the left. A ditch runs across the fairway 120 yards short of the green, so a precise lay-up is needed. A bunker guards the front right of the green.

hole_9Hole 9

Par 4, 308 yards

Pro Tip: a short par four, reachable for the long hitter. Avoid the left-hand fairway bunker when laying up with a mid-iron, but the green is where the trouble really starts, sloping from back to front and right to left, so try to keep your approach below the hole, otherwise get ready for a rollercoaster!

hole_10Hole 10

Par 5, 510 yards

Pro Tip: A generous par five to begin the back nine with trouble left and right flanking the wide fairway, although with trouble out of bounds left for a wayward one on the approach to the green, that is relatively flat.

hole_11Hole 11

Par 4, 310 yards

Pro Tip: An accurate tee shot is required to avoid trees and fairway bunker right, a ditch left and for the more adventurous three ponds short and left of the green. Take a long iron or metal off the tee leaving a short iron into the green that is guarded by bunkers left and right.

hole_12Hole 12

Par 3, 132 yards

Pro Tip: a short testing par three requiring an accurate tee shot with bunkers awaiting short left and right of the tricky green. It’s uphill all the way, so don’t be fooled by the yardage, you need one or two clubs more than you think.

hole_13Hole 13

Par 5, 513 yards

Pro Tip: Out of bounds runs down the right. A good long tee shot is needed that can get you home in two for the bigger hitters avoiding the bunkers short left and right of the green. Or play safe with a good lay up, but there’s a hidden dip 120 yards short of the green. A left or long approach into the green will find sand.

hole_14Hole 14

Par 3, 188 yards

Pro Tip: The only downhill par three on the course. Miss the green right and it’s a tricky chip, miss left and bunkers await. The green is a slider from front to back and left to right, walk off with a three and you will be happy.

hole_15Hole 15

Par 4, 447 yards

Pro Tip: The start of a tough finish, with a blind tee shot favouring the left half of the fairway. The long second is to a raised green and difficult to reach and stay on – a challenging stroke index one hole.

hole_16Hole 16

Par 4, 467 yards

Pro Tip: A very tight tee shot with trouble left and right and a sloping fairway from right to left. A blind shot into the green requires accurate club selection with out of bounds waiting long and left and a bunker short right.

hole_17Hole 17

Par 3, 169 yards

Pro Tip: An uphill par three which has a run-off area left, right and in front for the shots that tantalise but don’t quite make it. The green is raised so an extra club is often needed to reach a sloping green from back to front.

hole_18-2Hole 18

Par 4, 435 yards

Pro Tip: A very tough uphill finishing hole. The tee shot is vital with bunkers left and right and the longer hitters may make the hump across the centre of the fairway. Our very own ‘valley of sin’ runs right to left across the front of the undulating – and confusing – three-tiered classic Mackenzie green.

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