Greetings from Mr Captain!

Last night I had the privilege of watching the Sitwell Gladiators Scratch team take on the best that Silkstone had to offer. We had a mountain to climb and we were 3rd in the division 4 points behind Tankersley.
My Spice Boys turned up determined to get the maximum points possible. The first out was Scary Spice(Mark) who did their best player on the 17th after a real scrap. Next to go was Posh Spice( Mike) who took the match down the 18th and then blew it. Third to go off was Short Spice (Russ) who ground his opponent into the ground winning on the 16th. Last to go was Old Spice (Haggers) first time out this year. It’s fair to say he was struggling at first 4 down after 3 holes. He battled hard and some of his shots on the last 3 holes were inspiring. It went down the 18th all Square. Haggers drive was perfect with the opposition in the trees. He chipped out and was still behind Steve. His 3rd shot left him a six footer for par. Up stepped Steve to fluff a chip onto the green leaving a 30 footer for a birdie. Steve rolled it up inside the bin lid for his par and his partner missed his putt to give us the point.
We ended up winning 6-2. Now over to Tankersley they were imploding under the pressure and ended up losing 7-1 to Wath.
The nett result means that the mighty Sitwell are now in Division 1 for the first time in their history.
Thanks to all members of the Squad for their performances over the season. Thanks to all the supporters it’s not easy being out in the pouring rain. A special thanks to all the caddies over the season with a special mention to Indiana Jones,s dad. Mike could not have managed without the support and mentoring from Dr Jones senior.
Bring on the 2020 season in the promised land.
Mr Captain