We have recently updated the Handicap/Competition software to Club V1, and this will hopefully reduce the number of issues we have had with entering scores in recent times.
The software allows us to put an automatic Stableford Adjustment to scores set at 5 over par on any given hole. The effect of this is twofold. Firstly, if you are going to score more than 5 over par on a hole you can pick up as the system will automatically put a 5 over par score in when you put a 0, this should aid with speeding up play. Secondly, if you NR on a hole you can continue playing knowing that the recorded score for handicap purposes will be 5 over par. This should reduce the number of NR’s returned every week. This is approved by England Golf.
Additionally, anyone who enters the competition an fails to record a score, will have their score automatically entered at 5 over par on each hole. This way all scores/cards will be accounted for. This will impact on Competition Standard Scratch. It was trialled on Saturdays medal and had the effect of raising CSS from 71 to 72.
Have a great season.
Golf Committee