There are still a number of entry fees not paid by members. Please note that if any outstanding entry fees are not paid by Monday 15th May, the entrant will be removed from the draw.


Many thanks to everyone who has entered Terry’s annual fundraiser, there is still time to enter a team simply logon on to BRS to reserve a tee time.

Whilst the tee has not been closed for this event, any bookings on BRS should be used as entry in the competition only. We use BRS to order the required number of meals for the day, therefore anyone who has reserved a time will be charged accordingly.


The 13th May sees the first GOY of the season and I’d like to remind members of a couple of items. Firstly to assist members in keeping the pace of play down to a manageable length of time, John Kay has once again kindly agreed to act as Starter. Secondly, please be aware that John has been asked to penalise anyone late on the tee and finally can I also add that it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their score card is correctly filled out with competition, date, name and handicap to avoid being disqualified.

I wish you a successful and enjoyable season

Regards, Chris Miller, Golf Chairman