The Club is holding an Open Day for new members on Sunday 16 October from 11 am.

The aim of the day is to fill vacancies in all categories from 7 day through to intermediate and juniors.

We will be publishing an editorial and advert in the local press in the run up to the day in addition to posters and flyers for local businesses. With this in mind, we would like to ask you for your support, if you know of any local business, gym, hotel etc that could help we have copies of the posters in the office, simply call me to arrange to collect.

In addition to the above the Club still offers the new member incentive to members – for every new member you propose, you will receive £50 on your bar card!

I’m sure you will be aware how important it is for us to attract new members and the Committee thank you for your continued support.

Regards, Steve Bell Club Secretary