As we advised earlier it is out intention to try and restart our Tuesday competitions from next Tuesday, 8th March.  Through March these comps will simply be a fiddle, one pound per player entry fee, winner taking half with half to section funds, run for the purpose of assessing handicaps after the winter break.  Anything we do in March cannot be used to update the Congu system as this does not come into play until we move onto summer conditions in April.

For those new joiners to the section, as our competitions are run over 15 holes, your starting seniors handicap will be five sixth of your club handicap, and then it will be adjusted as we go on by Richard dependent on performance.

As always at this time of the year the question of whether we run a competition or not is dependent upon weather and course conditions.  For instance, this morning due to the frost we started on temporary greens and the main greens were not put on till after 10am.  Those who wish to play early will have to make their own judgements as to whether conditions are suitable to run the fiddle or not.

Normally I would be there early to assist with the decision making, but next week it is my turn for a trip, and I am off to Portugal, so you are flying solo boys.  Don’t worry I will be back in time to sort the money out before the next Tuesday, 15th

Hope this all makes sense.